Ladder Climb

Building a High Performance Sales Team (3 of 3)

In “Building a High Performance Sales Team” we have covered the following steps: Creating a Crystal Clear Vision, Evaluating your Existing Team and Bringing New Players Onboard. Here then are the final two steps: CREATING THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT Are the company culture and environment hospitable to a high-performance sales team? The right environment requires a […]

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Shhhh… Listen!

  … and then I found myself unable to talk for a few days. (I will not bore you with the details but it had something to do with laryngitis and damaged vocal chords.) Anyway, here’s what I’m getting at:  Even though I believe that I am a good listener and conversationalist – always making […]

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Building a High Performance Sales Team (2 of 3)

The first step in building a high performance sales team was to develop and communicate a crystal clear vision and purpose. Here are the next two steps: Evaluating your existing team and bringing new players on board… EVALUATING EXISTING TEAM Once the job responsibilities, personal traits and professional competencies are defined and agreed upon by […]

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Define sales role and plan

Compensation Design: Define the sales rep’s role

So what is new in the world of sales compensation? In a way the more things change, the more they stay the same. Fundamentals don’t change and as such they are always a good place to start. There are at least nine components to successful sales compensation design. There is a post (9 Key Steps […]

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Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place

Building a High Performance Sales Team (1of3)

What a dream come true for any organization, a high-performance sales team. A team feared by competitors and respected by clients for its knowledge, business savvy, value and results. In a perfect world, such a team would simply be inherited. Every member would be a top performer, satisfied with the organization and eager to improve […]

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Thumb Sucker Angie M Photo

Sucking your thumb

Many infants find great comfort in sucking their thumb – an activity documented in as early as a child’s prenatal life. Quite often parents have a very difficult time weaning their children away from this “nasty” habit. A similar situation exists in today’s business world where we find entities that are reticent to change. The […]

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United around the table

Successful Sales Meetings

Another waste of time… Brain Drain session… Dreadful hour… Is this how your sales team describes what you had hoped was a productive, interactive, motivating, fun and exciting sales meeting? Are sales meetings in your organization seen as a necessary evil or a real opportunity to make a difference with the sales team? Unfortunately, there […]

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Let’s set the record straight!

It happened again…another expert referenced a statistic that, well, just doesn’t exist. You may have heard this one as well. I’m asked about it quite often and it goes something like this: “Decision makers don’t talk to sales people until 67% of the buying process is complete” But, that’s just not true at all. So, […]

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Get Closer

Get closer to your customers…

Encouraging the involvement of your whole organization in your marketing, selling and customer service efforts has this as one of its many positive results: the more integrated you become with your customer’s organization the more solid the relationship will be. The basic premise is that the more time you and your customers invest in understanding […]

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