ASSESS competency based assessment solutions

Selection and Development of Key Professional

ASSESS is a powerful and affordable psychological evaluation system that takes the mystery out of employee assessment. By combining computer-based software with proven ability and personality tests, ASSESS turns complex psychological evaluations into practical selection and development tools.

Affordable, reliable and customizable

Selection and promotion of key executive positions is not easy. How can you really get objective and insightful information about a potential candidate, instead of misleading impressions?  Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll agree there is no substitute for the knowledge you will gain about a prospective candidate through ASSESS.

Select from:

Screening Report
This brief, but still effective, version of the full report is most appropriate for use early-on in the selection process.
Selection Report
The Selection Report provides information in a concise, straightforward manner, and is designed to assist managers who are responsible for hiring. Primarily designed to evaluate a candidate’s individual assets and liabilities for a particular job, this report also provides interview probe suggestions and management recommendations.

Developmental Report
The Developmental Report covers many of the same topics as the Selection Report, but is written in a developmental tone. The report can be given to the individual being assessed in order to provide constructive, objective feedback of the assessment results. It includes specific suggestions for accentuating candidates’ assets and for improving any liabilities.
ASSESS provides you with fast, easy-to-read information plus a graphic profile of over 20 employee characteristics.

  • Summary of Key Factors
    Helps you compare candidates at a glance.
  • Interpersonal Style 
    How does this candidate deal with others?
  • Work Style & Motivations
    How does this individual get the job done?
  • Interpersonal Influence & Control
    Can he/she manage, persuade & influence others?
  • Intellectual Abilities & Potential
    Measure a candidate’s intellectual strengths.
  • Intellectual Usage & Effectiveness
    How does this candidate use his/her mental abilities?
  • Emotional Style
    How does he/she react to pressure & stress?
  • Interview & Reference Checking Questions
    Probing questions that give you the interviewing edge.
  • Management Suggestions
    Identifies any areas of management concern.
  • Development Suggestions
    Step by step plan for personal & professional development.

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