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Business Development
Identify, Attract, and Convert Opportunities

Expertise, straight talk, and results are the building blocks of a productive consulting and coaching relationship.

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Consulting and Coaching

Develop a winning team with on-site or web based seminars and workshops that provide the knowledge needed to compete in today's challenging marketplace.

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Training and Development

Online assessments for improving team communications as well as  the selection and development of executives, managers, customer service and sales staff.

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Lysis Sales and Management Consulting Training

Sales & Management resources that help you find, keep and grow your most valuable customers!

How we can help you grow

At Lysis, our primary focus is your success. We are committed to providing the solutions you need to realize your company’s growth potential.

In the following pages you’ll find an abundance of resources, all of which are designed to dramatically improve your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

Whatever may be holding you back, Lysis has the innovative ideas necessary to move your business forward.

Tools and Resources

  • Relevant industry links
  • Articles and Research Papers
  • Products and Services
  • Competitive Advantage Blog

About us

Lysis International is a Management Consulting firm specializing in Sales Management, Leadership and Customer Service. Since 1993, we have been assisting organizations across the country in their efforts to improve essential aspects of their operations. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, graphic arts, finance, education, telecommunications and other high technology sectors.

The services we offer – from behavioral, skill and process assessments to interactive sales seminars and one to one coaching – are proven to deliver real, tangible results.

Recipe for Success

Develop the ability of your team to find, keep and grow your most valuable customers!

Business Development

Find Keep Grow Valuable Customers
Whether through direct efforts, channel partners, customer service or rainmaking opportunities selling is everybody's business.

To compete and succeed in today's demanding marketplace the whole team needs to be operating at peak performance to identify the right prospects, convert the best opportunities, and provide superior customer experience.

Take advantage of the resources provided (e.g. visit our blog, read through the articles and white pages) or reach out and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.