Managing For Success

Better communication skills lead to improved morale, greater effectiveness and optimal productivity.

Managing For Success – Behavioral Assessments

In today’s competitive business environment, companies need to increase productivity to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, employing the best people is imperative.

The Managing For Success (MFS) assessment is easy to use and provides you with valuable behavioral interaction feedback. It was designed to aid in the development, motivation, conflict resolution and performance enhancement of your team.

MFS will help you manage your most important resource for increased effectiveness and productivity.

Executive Version 

Designed for CEOs and other C-level executives, the Executive Version of MFS analyzes the personal strengths that truly add value to an organization. It provides executives with the tools they need to develop communication systems and strategies that produce more effective teams.

Staff or Manager Version

This version provides valuable information for employees, managers and work teams. It characterizes individual work styles, and explains how these styles affect job performance.  Most importantly, the Staff/Manager Version of MFS clearly explains how communication styles affect productivity and goal achievement.

Sales Version

The Sales Version of MFS helps managers how to best communicate with and motivate each player in their sales team. It takes the guesswork out of management and allows companies to develop sound relationships with each individual sales rep. This is also a great tool sales reps can use to improve communicaions with each of their customers.

Team Building Version

The MFS Team Building Version targets key information necessary for building and maintaining effective teams. Through the use of individualized reports, each team member gains a clear understanding of what he/she contributes to the organization. Moreover, this version helps individuals gain a better appreciation for how different styles coalesce to achieve common organizational goals.

The “Managing For Success” report is generated from an individual’s responses to an online assessment and produces 10 to 15 pages of personalized information on how a person works with problems, people and procedures.

Each personalized report provides insight into the following areas:

  • Notable personal attributes
  • Word Portrait
  • Projected Job Behavior
  • Potential Business Strengths
  • Performance Motivators
  • Personal Growth Suggestions
  • Preferred Work Environment
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Communication Builders

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