Selection Report

If identifying top-performing sales reps is a challenge, look no further…

The SalesMax Assessment Report helps identify candidates who are most likely to achieve above-average success in professional sales.

SalesMax is a predictive, validated and paperless testing system designed to evaluate whether your professional sales candidates have the underlying personality to be effective in consultative sales positions.

SalesMax also measures an applicant’s knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages of the sales cycle, as well as his/her motivational needs.

The report also offers suggestions for interview questions to address areas of concern.

Development Report

The SalesMax Development Report provides the sales professional (and their manager) with guidance on how specific personality factors help or hinder effectiveness, suggests how to close developmental gaps with specific resources, and offers tips on capitalizing on strengths and recognizing weaknesses.

This in-depth report offers a detailed review of strengths, areas of improvement, and suggests a  Developmental Action Plan.

Both reports offer insight about:

Sales Personality

SalesMax includes a detailed description of each candidate’s unique Sales Personality. Learn about a person’s… Energy, Follow-Through, Optimism, Resilience, Assertiveness, Sociability, Expressiveness, and Responsibility.

Sales Knowledge

SalesMax also provides information about a candidate’s Sales Knowledge. Discover what he/she knows about… Prospecting/Pre-qualifying, First Meeting/First Impressions, Probing, Overcoming Objections, Influencing/Convincing, and Closing Sales.


SalesMax accurately describes each candidate’s primary Sales Motivations. Is an applicant motivated by… Recognition, Control, Money, Freedom, Personal Development, Affiliation, Security or Achievement?

How it Works

The candidate or existing team member follows a link to the assessment website and completes a comprehensive survey in about 45-60 minutes. The survey is scored and you are immediately provided with a complete report that includes: a graphic profile of the candidate, the probability of his/her sales success (selection), insights into individual strengths and weaknesses, plus useful interview probes (selection), developmental action plan (development), management suggestions.

This process is fast, affordable and extremely effective.


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