Consulting and Coaching

Knowledge, straight talk and effectiveness are the building blocks of our consulting services. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your current business culture and future business goals, our consulting support becomes an extension of your management team.

Take advantage of the opportunity to draw on our experience in the areas of sales and marketing strategy development, account and territory management, competitive differentiation strategies, compensation, sales performance optimization and sales force automation.

Available onsite or online via video, web or telephone conferencing.

Seminars and Workshops

Develop a winning team with seminars and workshops that provide the knowledge you need to compete in today’s changing marketplace.

On-site sessions combine a variety of interactive tools (i.e. hands-on activities and role-playing), to ensure that your team learns how to execute effective strategies focused on finding and keeping more profitable customers.

Our “virtual campus” sessions keep your sales reps in the field. We use the latest internet advancements to coordinate individual coaching and phone conferences.

Your team gains valuable new skills while the investment stays as low as possible.


Time tested, validated and reliable assessments provide valuable behavioral and skill information for increased organizational effectiveness. Assessments are beneficial for the selection and development of executives, managers, customer service and sales staff as well as for successful team building.

All assessments are administered online and are accessible from any location.