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Consulting and Coaching

Lysis, a boutique consulting firm contributing to our clients’ success by providing the tools and resources they need to identify, engage, and grow their best customers, develop high performance teams, and design winning strategies 

We empower small and medium sized B2B organizations find, keep, and grow more valuable customers

Training and Development

Develop talent into a winning team with seminars and workshops that provide the knowledge you need to compete and grow your business in today’s changing marketplace.

These sessions combine a variety of interactive tools (e.g. hands-on activities, role-playing) to ensure that your team learns and executes strategies to find, engage, and grow more profitable customers.


Time tested, validated and reliable assessments provide valuable behavioral and skill information for greater engagement and performance.

These assessments are highly effective for the selection and development of executives, managers, customer service and sales staff as well as for successful team engagement.






Tampa, Florida