Sales Mastery

A series of on-site programs developed for companies whose objective is to deploy a competent, focused and successful sales team. Covering the most crucial functions in sales, these sessions can be customized to meet needs of your sales team in the unique competitive markets and customer challenges they face each day.

Topics may include:

  • Understanding the customer, their business and their motivations
  • Managing and Growing Existing Accounts
  • Recognizing and Developing New Opportunities
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Inbound and Outbound Prospecting
  • Negotiating Strategies

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Sales Mastery Virtual Campus

The Sales Mastery Virtual Campus is series of telephone, web and
video conference sessions designed for organizations that prefer the
convenience of the “remote” learning environment.

Each track in the Virtual Campus Series lasts 10 weeks and includes weekly
activities such as teleconferences for teaching, coaching and activity
reviews. Each of the tracks ends with a management debriefing session with
recommendations how to maintain momentum.

Tracks include:

  • Prospecting for new business
    • Sales and Marketing strategies for gaining access to key contacts.
  • Winning new business:
    • How to discover needs, present solutions, and gain commitment.
  • Key Account Management:
    • Manage account relationships for mutual benefit, growth and profit.
  • Sales Management Success:
    • Strategies to find, attract, coach and grow a winning sales team.

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Sales Performance Management

Setting quota and holding a performance review is not enough if your goal is to develop a hign performance sales team. This session focuses on the key components required in designing an effective performance management system and provides the resources and tools sales managers need to assess the performance and optimize the effectiveness of their team:

  • Goal Setting and Planning,
  • Performance Diagnostics,
  • Ongoing Feedback and Recognition,
  • Skill Development,
  • Performance Review,Compensation and Reward

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Sales Compensation Strategies

Sales Compensation is a sensitive issue and great care needs to be taken to ensure that it not only contributes to overall business objectives but that it is understood and accepted by all. This workshop covers the nine key components to successful sales compensation design in an informative, interactive way. You will walk away with the tools to create, implement and monitor a very effective sales compensation plan.

  • WHY you pay – what do you want your compensation plan to achieve?
  • WHOM you pay – stop designing “great” compensation programs around mediocre performers
  • HOW you pay – which compensation plan will produce optimum results.

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The Art of Sales Negotiating

Do you know whether the last objection you faced was real or a negotiating tactic? Have you ever fallen victim to the tricks of the negotiating game and didn’t realize it until it was too late? Protect your margins. This session teaches how to identify the most common tactics used in sales negotiations and provides valuable insight on how to handle them. You will learn how to create a win-win negotiating environment that will develop into mutually profitable relationships for years to come.

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The Craft of Asking Questions

Differentiate to win. Would your sales team be more effective if you had access to information about your customers’ desires, concerns,
challenges and motivations during the sales process? Learning how to ask the right questions, of the right person, at the right time, the right way, takes knowledge and effort. In this session you’ll learn how to formulate inspired, purposeful questions to get the answers you need to sell and service existing and prospective accounts.

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Key Account Management Strategies

Your best customers are your competition’s best prospects! Your ability to effectively manage the relationships and identify the opportunities within your “key” accounts has a direct impact on your success in the marketplace. Your team will learn to 1) identify who your “key-accounts” really are, and 2) collectively develop the tactics and tools necessary to effectively manage the relationship with each. No tricks or gimmicks; just proven, account management ideas customized to meet the unique demands of your key customers.

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Tough Customers

We’ve all faced the Tough Customer (e.g the demanding individual who is difficult to deal with, the elusive one who is seemingly impossible to reach). This fast paced, interactive workshop uses role-playing and brainstorming to teach proven strategies that will help you successfully break through.

To ensure that this program addresses the specific needs of your team, each participant is provided with a survey directing them to describe the most difficult personalities and sales challenges they face. Discussion material for the seminar is based directly on their input. (Sales and Customer Service Versions)

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Prospecting for More Profitable Customers

Get their attention. Earn the right to sell. Sounds simple, but simple is not necessarily easy. Whether your company is a startup, market player, or market leader, this session focuses on the development and execution of the skills, tactics and strategies critical in effective prospecting to buyers at all levels of contact. Learn how effective, systematic prospecting leads
to the development of long-term profitable relationships.

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Reading the Customer

Establish rapport and develop trust…quickly. This session is NOT a lesson in reading body language. It IS a session that teaches your sales team the skills they need to quickly establish rapport and develop trust with your prospects and customers. Using real-life customer profiles as examples, participants will learn how to identify the various behavioral styles and then develop effective strategies to communicate and ultimately sell to each of them.

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What Customers Really Want

Listening to your customers. Talking to buyers (not necessarily purchasing agents but all of those who influence buying decisions) across many industries, we have developed an insightful program that addresses a variety of issues from their point of view. Topics include: how buyers like to conduct business, how buyers prefer to deal with suppliers, reasons they would leave their present supplier and consider a new one, etc.

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Marketing the Right Way

The “traditional” marketing approach is no longer adequate or acceptable in this new economy. The competition is fierce and unless you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time for the right reason, you are doomed to failure. This session will provide you with a fresh perspective to finding and keeping more profitable customers. We’ll examine what it really takes to succeed in the marketplace and how to flawlessly execute a “go to market” strategy that will differentiate you from the competition and endear you to your prospects and customers.

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Speeding Through the Buying Cycle

Moving from “Consideration to Commitment” more quickly. Learn strategies to shorten the time between buyers saying, “I’ll think about it” to “I’m ready now.” Increase their chances for success by teaching each member of your team how to effectively manage through the maze of committees, evaluations, reevaluations, bidding, gatekeepers, info collectors, etc. If you are wondering why some transactions seem to take forever and then are lost to the competition, this seminar will show you why.

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Keeping Customers Without Losing Your Mind

Among all the other challenges you face, this competitive marketplace has raised the expectations for effective Customer Relationship Management to new heights. What skills are necessary to provide superior customer service”? How can you shift customer service from being the function of just one department to becoming the culture of your entire organization? How can you win customer loyalty? And of course, how will you find the time to get it all done?

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Selling is Everybody’s Business

In addition to your sales force, every employee in your organization directly or indirectly “sells” to your customers. Do they recognize the importance of their contribution? What have you done to maximize their effectiveness in interacting with your customers? What more can be done? In this session you will learn how to increase revenue and profitability by effectively focusing everyone in your organization on the craft of selling and servicing the customer.

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