Doing More with Less…

Lately I’ve been feeling like the more I do, the less I actually get done. Allow me to explain.

Real quick though, let me just check some e-mail messages that came in as I was writing this. Actually, while I’m at it, now is probably a good time to take a peek at my Twitter feed (Cool – 4 RTs!). And I’ll sign in on Facebook, too. You know, just in case a client decided to “friend” me or something. I almost forgot… Google+ circles… ok, all good.
Anyways, where were we? Oh wait, one more thing, gotta check my LinkedIn box… #brb.

Ok, you’re probably starting to get the picture. By doing everything, I’m not really doing anything. The harder I concentrate on my online presence, the less I focus on the “actual” work that makes it all worthwhile.

But the story doesn’t end with Social Media.

Did I mention that I just finished reading the local paper to catch up with local business news? I still need to peruse the Wall Street Journal for interesting stories to pass along to my clients. Of course there is a bunch of snail-mail piling up on my desk demanding my attention as well…

Now, I’m not saying that these activities are bad. I’m just trying to point out that they greatly contribute to the noise that often prevents us from being as productive as possible. The fact is that the best way to do what we do best is to focus on it, and having too many distractions detracts from our ability to do just that.

So, for now, try moving the pile of mail a bit out of sight, turning off email notifications, silencing Tweetdeck’s chirping, and working on your next most important task – even if it’s for only 15 or 20 uninterrupted minutes . You will be amazed with the outcome.

Oh, but before you try this, don’t forget to leave a comment! 😉


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John Kypriotakis is the President of Lysis International,
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10 Responses to “Doing More with Less…”

  1. Great blog!
    Productivity and being effective has become an very important and interesting issue. As new media pop up everyday, there is always an excuse for interruption. These interruptions takes you one step back!! Yes, I believe it takes us one step back. As the world is moving forward, if you stand still, your are left back!
    I agree 100% with what you are saying. By doing more, we are getting less done. However, by focusing on delivery and having discipline on results.

    I am very passionate about these subjects as productivity is one of the key elements that successful people have. When looking at these people from outside, it is so easy to see them as “gifted” rather than just disciplined.
    If you get the time, I wrote a similar blog would love your opinion about this.

    Now, Have to go back and hit refresh on all my browser tabs! 🙂

  2. John – spot on! In my research on project management, we can show mathematically that productivity is reduced with each interruption. There are similar studies in psychology, manufacturing (setup times) and communications.

    So now I suppose I have to get back to work? THANKS…….

  3. Thanks for your kind words Brad and for sharing this information. I’d agree, getting back to work is a good thing…

  4. David Jensen says:

    Stop the madness! I’ve been dealing with this for a long long time. Is it really that easy? Certainly worth a try.
    I was always one of those people that once I entered a library, I could go on and on for hours, exploring the next line of thought that came into my head, and searching the aisles. Then came the internet. And now social media – always afraid I’ll miss that idea that will spark my next greatest achievement. Instead I’ve gotten very good at spinning my wheels.
    Great insight John.

  5. Well said David! Often a pencil, a pad of paper, and a quiet spot is all we need to capture that “great next idea”

  6. athena says:

    Eloguently put…thank god i’m not a twitter maven but by the time i go through the news of the prospective clients in my geography and review all emails as well as ones that are firing over at rapid speed from clients/prospects/partners/internal folks, i’m literally toast. it sure means we have to plan to be more efficient, disregard the immediate gratification of responding to something in lightening speed and pray for the best!

  7. Thanks Athena… it is becoming quite a challenge for sure. “Recognition” is the first step though… and then the “solution” is not far behind.

  8. John
    Boy do I identify with these sentiments. Are we getting old???
    You forgot one, actually taking the time to speak with a live person one on one. Isn’t that a novel thought

  9. johnkyp says:

    I agree… live and in person is still one of the most powerful ways to connect. Thanks for your insight Steven.

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