It happened again…another expert referenced a statistic that, well, just doesn’t exist. You may have heard this one as well. I’m asked about it quite often and it goes something like this:

“Decision makers don’t talk to sales people until 67% of the buying process is complete”

But, that’s just not true at all. So, we need to set-the-record-straight, again!

According to SiriusDecisions, the originator of the study, the data showed that “67 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally” and that’s a far cry from the oft quoted “sales people not consulted until later in the process” or that “buyers don’t want to talk to sales people until more than half of the decision process is complete” or… one of the many other versions.

Here is a link to a SiriusDecisions blog post, written in July of 2013, addressing this and offering additional insight… 


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