Many infants find great comfort in sucking their thumb – an activity documented in as early as a child’s prenatal life. Quite often parents have a very difficult time weaning their children away from this “nasty” habit. A similar situation exists in today’s business world where we find entities that are reticent to change.

The process of building new content management systems is becoming very complex so as a consequence, metaphorically speaking, companies go back to the old habits of sucking the thumb rather than confront change.

Old habits die hard, but maybe there is an approach that might not be that disparate from past practices, a mix of both old and new.

Today’s target audience is (very) diverse, ranging from baby boomers who like the old tactile delivery methods associated with print to millennials who sometimes like the old but more often prefer the always-on digital world.

One thing is for sure, “the one size fits all model” is dead.  Organizations must seek omni-channel providers that understand their industry and the respective content challenges. .  The supplier who understands the complexities of delivering relevant content, analyzes data, creates personalized content, and delivers using the appropriate medium is a true and valuable partner.

How about your organization? Are you sucking your thumb or building a relevant content management business model?


Steven Schnoll is the Managing Director of Schnoll Media Consulting,

a firm dedicated to developing strategies for delivering relevant targeted content.

 Image courtesy of Angie M. Photography